To all our valued clients,

I write this letter as a matter of conscience. For some time I have been troubled by the ever changing/confusing manner in which insurance companies treat an accident/claim and the people that are affected by it.

Recently I read in disbelief that a major insurer has outlined in their new policy (from March 2014), “We don’t repair undamaged areas of your car to create a uniform appearance” This means the colour matching of the repair will stop at the repair site, as brilliant as the tradesmen are in our industry, the simple fact is some colours are impossible to match to the edge of the next panel and require “blending’’ into that panel to ensure colour consistency.


Should you have an accident, please contact us prior to your insurer. We will manage the situation and inform you of your options in order to streamline the process.


At Prestige, we will always repair your vehicle to original factory standard with new factory approved and supplied parts.  It is very important I make this point: you are our client not the Insurer’s. You have chosen an Insurer to insure your car. You have the right to choose a repair service as stated in the code of conduct passed through Parliament. Some insurers have wording in their policies that make it difficult to insist on your repair shop choice, so it is of great importance to read the policy statement prior to signing or paying for the policy.

All Insurers differ in their approach to claims, and as we work with all Insurers we understand this and will advise accordingly. Although we choose not to be a selected or preferred repairer for any one insurer, we have a working relationship with all.


We have a great client base and we protect them

with personalized service and the highest quality of repair.

Should you have an accident, please contact us prior to your insurer. Please click here for AAI LIMITED T/AS GIO form or here for AAI LIMITED T/AS SHANNONS Authority FORM which will allow Prestige Auto Salon to assist in the Management of any claim whilst this policy is current. We would be your Chosen Repairer and appear on your Policy as your contact for any matters relating to a claim.