To my valued customers,

I write to you as a matter of conscience. For some time, I have been bothered by the ever changing/confusing manner in which insurance companies deal with an accident/claim and the effect on people that are caught up in it.

We are here to do our very utmost in keeping your accident and claim as stress free as possible, hoping to help you with understanding the different steps to take & managing the process with you.

Therefore we have enclosed a Glove Box Kit - please use it.

Alternatively, if your car has been towed to a holding yard, we will assist you in the next step.

Please be assured, in order for us to help you, your immediate contact with us is a MUST!  

Please contact us prior to your insurer, as the process differs for each Insurer.

Although we choose not to be a selected or preferred repairer for any one insurer, we have a working relationship with all.

We choose to repair your car to original factory standard with new factory approved and supplied parts. Some insurers have differing views on the replacement parts and suggest an alternative source.

Being solely associated with an insurer comes with a myriad of rules and regulations in order to maintain a flow of work to that repairer.  A flow of work from an insurer in my view is fraught with danger, as the continual flow will be controlled by that insurer and should the repairer not continue to meet the criteria imposed, the supply of work will cease.

We pride ourselves on the fact, previous customers as yourself, will not only come back to us when the need arises, but you spread the word of a repairer that actually cares and we are very grateful of that.

We will not ask an insurer for work and I am confident we have chosen the correct path to take care of our clients, while having a business showing results we can be proud of.

It is very important I make this point: you are our client not the Insurer’s. You have chosen an Insurer to insure your car, not to tell you what they will allow and or where to go for repair. You have a choice to direct the repair of your car and by law it will be respected.


All the very best from Wayne and our team.

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