PERMAGARD was developed in Monaco and the South of France as a high performance protection film and coating system for use by the automotive, aviation and marine industries. 

Wherever you find highly valued painted surfaces operating in harsh environments, such as those found on the exteriors of yachts and cars, PERMAGARD has become the optimum solution for long term protection favoured by Europe's leading car dealers and boat yards.

Through continuous research and development PERMAGARD has formulated the unique and exclusive reactive plastic film technology for all paint and gel-coat exteriors, and coupled with the PERMAGARD interior system you can now concentrate on enjoying your car or boat instead of worrying about everyday wear, spills and 24-hour environmental attacks.

With PERMAGARD's exclusive reactive plastic film permanently bonded to your cars' paintwork, you not only have the best protection technology commercially available, you also benefit from an unrivalled depth of colour and gloss that you've likely never experienced before.

One of the most appealing bonus' to investing in the PERMAGARD treatment is that you never have to polish or wax your car again!PERMAGARD will not allow contaminants to attack your paint work as they will stay on the top surface of the coating until washed. The fine swirls and spider web effects that may occurr, (usually in your paint work and difficult to remedy) will also be trapped in the coating allowing easy removal by a service treatment performed every nine months following the initial treatment.

Below are some after photos of some of our regular permagarded vehicles.