So, My wife had an accident . Thankfully, she was driving our new Range Rover so she did not get hurt. Some guy just plowed right into her. I also give thanks to Wayne and his superb craftsmen at Prestige Auto Salon. I was out of town, so they came and got her and took care of everything.  They drove her home so she could relax and call me with all the details. The guys went out of their way to help us, thanks so much. 

Peter Cootes

Two weeks after an accident, our RR came back all spiffy and new looking. Thanks Prestige.. you are truly one of a kind. Great service and top of the line car repair. Who can ask for more? Best Regards

Louise Longstaff

I am a car lover. I can not deny it. I have some real beauties and I take VERY good care of them. There is only one company in Australia that I will allow to fix them.. if they should need maintenance and body work. Prestige Auto Salon! They are the finest, the most honest and dependable Body men in Australia. They know fine cars and they do not settle for second best. Wayne is in a class by himself. Thanks again

Geoff Olds

I am still angry that I had an accident. It was my fault and it was stupid. But Wayne and his team settled me down and dealt with the insurance company for me. I really appreciated it. I was too upset. Now I have my Audi back and honestly I can't find where the damage was.  Thanks Wayne.... you are a master! All the Best

Rob Shackelton